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We greatly thank our Middle East-media influencers, travel journalists, creative writers, luxury lifestyle bloggers, national newspaper editor and media partners for being part of MichiDe’s journey.

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Media (Print; English): VELVET  (Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine), Authored by Khalid Abu Shaban, Edited by Editor-in-Chief VELVET Magazine, H.E. Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi.

MichiDe’s Top-Pick Editor from VELVET, H.E. Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi.

A multi-facet Emirati, H.E. Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi is a committed philanthropist, an accomplished author, designer and entrepreneur. Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi serves as CEO of Paris London New York Publishing, a multi industry conglomerate. The PLNY portfolio includes VELVET Magazine (online and print), a Fashion House, Beauty Salons, Flowers Boutique and Restaurants.

H.E. Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi instagram account 

Featured on VELVET in 2017:  The Rock Bar at AYANA Resort & Spa Bali     

-John Hardy BALI Est. 1975 Work Shop in Ubud

-GWK (Garuda Wishnu Kencana) Cultural Center Bali

 Image Courtesy: VELVET Magazine issue 55 Cover Jasmine Sanders ‘Golden Barbie’





(Online; Arabic): Gheir, Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief of ‘Lifestyle with Zoya’ for (Arabic Online Fashion and Lifestyle), Zoya Sakr Jabre

MichiDe’s Top-Pick Editor from Gheir, Zoya Sakr

Lebanese born Zoya Sakr Jabre has been chosen as Top 10’s Middle East Female Influencer. as an entrepreneur and former Miss Beauty International, Group Editor-in-Chief 2Pure ePublishing. Zoya is gifted with her natural beauty and intelligence. Following to her success in managing Al Aan TV, She then launched  an online TV channel to complete her vision in digital marketing and enterprises.

Zoya Sakr Jabre Instagram Account

Featured on Gheir in 2016: CHENOT Palace Health Wellness Hotel Azerbaijan      

Lifestyle with Zoya at Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel in Gabala Azerbaijan

Image Courtesy: Lifestyle with Zoya 





Media (Print: English) : OK! Middle East magazine issue 227, Authored by Sonal Vara, Edited by Editor in Chief OK! Middle East, Gemma White

MichiDe’s Top-Pick Editor  from OK! Middle East, Gemma White

Former editor of Gulf News Group, Gemma White has joined ITP Publishing as Editor in Chief of OK! Middle East in 2013. A renowned-editor, Gemma overlooked OK! Middle East, AHLAN and VIVA Magazines as a Group Editor in the past. She is now founder of The Original, a company that she established in 2017.

Featured on OK! Middle East in 2017: Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel Gabala Azerbaijan

-PAMPERING AT THE PALACE at Chenot Palace Gabala Azerbaijan

Image Courtesy: OK! Middle East issue 227 Cover Melania Trump ‘First Lady’





Media (Online; Arabic): ELLE Arabia  (Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine), Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Arabia, Nada Kabbani.

MichiDe’s Top-Pick Editor from ELLE Arabia, Nada Kabbani.

Nada Kabbani is one of top female influencers in the Arab World. She leads the editor team of Fashion, beauty and lifestyle-ELLE Arabia Online. Nada is known for her expertise as Beauty and Lifestyle editor for She worked for OK‘s Red Carpet Magazine in the past prior to her role as Editor in Chief of ELLE Arabia.

Nadda Kabani Instagram Account

Featured on ELLE Arabia in 2016 : Le Mirador Resort & Spa Switzerland

Le Mirador Dermatology Center, Switzerland by Prof. Dr. Hans Ockenfels


                                                                       Image courtesy: ELLE  Le Mirador Dermatologie Center 



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