Empowering Effective Collaboration with EXPRESS Training Module.

MichiDe International conducts EXPRESS (Experienced Personalised Reservation and Sales Services)  to help hospitality team including consumer service agents, guest relations, travel  consultants and hoteliers understand the most efficient platform to collaborate and to speed up sales achievements utilising both off and on-line business channels.

No matter what you’re selling, you have lots of competition and need to be able to stand apart and show people how special you are. EXPRESS training module has been formulated to provide the know-how to the key players in the Luxury market in order to help them create and implement a real Service Strategy with main focus on the Human Dimension of Service. Luxury and Business can only meet when Education and Quality of Service are present. MichiDe International helps our partners to fill the gap of brand’s promise and the client’s perception.

At MichiDe International, We believe the main asset of companies remains in their people and that it can be a competitive edge.