Arnaud Giacometti | Managing Director | Luxury Hospitality Expert | EMEA & APAC

Arnaud is an accomplished Managing Director, passionate Private Travel Designer, with 20 years of international experience, including Senior Management Positions among European, American and Middle Eastern Luxury Hospitality brands. 

Based for more than a decade in the Middle East, Arnaud has acquired a comprehensive network of contacts and partners in the region and beyond, ranging from High Net Worth Individuals, to Premium Trade Partners and Government Entities, whom support his constant and impassioned Mission.

While his innate curiosity brought him to travel to over 70 countries around the globe to date, Arnaud remains constantly excited about discovering new places and experiences.

During his previous Hotelier’s life, Arnaud has successfully pre-opened and opened two distinctive 5* Star properties from the Ritz-Carlton Brand, which sharpened his eye for Details, Luxury Service and Quality Delivery.

Furthermore, Arnaud has an authentic ability to engage with others, while being able to understand and define fundamental requirements in order to model a vision into reality. A precious combination of Emotional intelligence and Strategic thinking.

Certified in Travel & Tourism and officially accredited by both the international Air Transport Association (IATA) and the United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations (UFTAA), Arnaud also holds an Academic Degree in Economy, doubled with a Bachelor Degree in Sales & Marketing. Nevertheless, he has kept quite a good sense of humour.




Gessy Gitapuri | Project Management Expert | Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Business expert, Gessy is a proven Executive, trusted Business Advisor, troubleshooting Strategist and an active business Consultant.

Gessy has more than 12 years of senior management experience in private and public organisations, both as an internal executive and as an external consultant. As an internal executive, she has led strategic transformation and capability development efforts in key strategic organisations.

As an external consultant, she is in demand for in-company training in Hospitality Development Programs, Strategic Management and Project execution.

Her personal interests include how to improve the strategic management process in the private enterprises, public sector, new institutional economics, and leading organisational transformation. She regularly leads the Sales and Marketing Training, professional development behaviours, Quality assurance in luxury hospitality sector and Customer Service development in various businesses.

In July 2013, Gessy formed a group of hospitality experts and healthcare consultants within luxury business under MichiDe International Consulting umbrella. In August 2014, Gessy established MichiDe International business portfolios under MichiDe Bali International Holding with their offices located in Jakarta and in Bali island, Indonesia. She leads project development across The Middle East and Asia Pacific. In addition to her role as C.E.O of MichiDe International Consulting Company, Gessy has a Qualification in project management  as well as in Hotel and Tourism Management. Gessy is a qualified Project Director, Sales and Marketing expert, business consultant and luxury hospitality inspector.

She works closely with company owners and decision makers. She helps organisations transform people work habits to excellence professional. she believes that the MichiDe hospitality concept is applicable within all business entities.

Her unique slogan ‘We do what they don’t’ represents her commitment to help organisations with her business connections and professional networks.





Emad S. Mousa | Human Capital Expert  | Company Formation Consultant | MENA Region.

Emad is Human Capital practitioner, Compliance Keeper, and Business guide with 15+ years of experience with leading regional & International organizations in the MENA region, holding successful track record in supporting Commercial, Corporate & Investment Banking groups achieving goals by leading HC projects and initiatives toward successful business strategy execution.

Emad helps organisation by providing his expertise as to add value in Human Capital development and company formation support which include the following;

  • Building Corporate HR Framework for new establishment in UAE, GCC & MENA.
  • Coaching / Mentoring newly landed expats & Career oriented Nationals.
  • Job Descriptions, Employment Contract & Policy writing.
  • Expert in UAE & GCC Onshore & FZE Labour law.
  • Building grading hierarchy & Pay scale / Bands.
  • Compensation & Benefits structure with market data benchmarking.
  • Human Capital Strategy (From design to execution).
  • Talent Management & Executive Development Competency Framework.
  • Customized Performance Management tools and KPI writing.
  • Outsourcing Human Resources Services such as; Recruitment, Payroll, Relocation, PRO, Induction, Market orientation for new executives, Compliance guidance & Exit process.




Ravash Rasti | Project Management Specialist | Programme Manager | Iran and Middle East |

After 15 years of contributing and working in various roles for The United Nations office based in Tehran, Iran, Ravash believes that creative people can instigate positive and long lasting change and growth.

Ravash is part of MichiDe International Dubai office as Project Specialist. With her qualification in Natural Resources Engineering, she believes that her skills are set to provide added value to the development of community responsibilities. Her support ensures the mission of MichiDe International ‘Empowering young entrepreneurs for leadership and sustainability’ is delivered.

Ravash is also a certified Invigilator and Clerical Marker of International English Language Testing System. She invigilates and evaluates IELTS exams adhering to the strict British Council policy and procedures.

At MichiDe International, we all believe that an effective consultancy provides resilient-genuine ideas matched with analytic implementation to identify programs and methods that achieve sustainable of an organisation.




Itsuka Yakumo | Photographer & Web-Graphic Designer | Fine Artist | AtelierMescouleurMescourbes | Japan and United States |

Founded in the heart of Shibuya-Tokyo, Atelier Mescouleursmescourbes (AMCMC) is one of the most successful art, design and photography in Japan. Over a decade, the renowned multi-talented-Japanese photographer, Yakumo, has been working with a number of well-reputed organisations worldwide. Ateliermescouleurmescourbes     is owned and  established by  Yakumo. He is now working with his team.

Atelier Mescouleurmescourbes (AMCMC) works in partnership with MichiDe International. We recognize and respect each client’s right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality in all aspects of his or her life. At MichiDe International, No job is too small and it will be treated and handled professionally.

Whether you are in need a one-time job service, or a complete marketing campaign including artwork, photography, advertising, PR marketing and announcements, Ateliermescouleurmescourbes Graphics and Photography, will assist your company and suit all specific requirements.

Each project is strategically planned, starting with development sessions, continuing through production and right up to the completion. It is all about planning, managing, trying to focus on the parts that have been overlooked, challenging assumptions and choosing the right solutions. A professional business image, created by AMCMC Graphics and Photography, is guaranteed with every assignment we undertake.

Recognition is given to the fact that client records are legal documents and are an integral component of service delivery. Client confidentiality and privacy are respected and that written and spoken information is protected from access and use by any unauthorised persons.