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MichiDe [Mitchi-Dé]: The Company

Founded in Dubai, fastest growing city and home for the tallest tower in the world, MichiDe provides personalized PRIVATE TRAVEL DESIGN to Middle-Eastern Travelers eager to discover the world from another angle, offering a range of unique 5 Star Boutique Hotels, upscale Private Villas, and revitalizing Health Wellness Retreats from around the globe.

We offer LifeStyle Management to High Net Worth Individuals, Government Entities and C-Level Associates, ensuring a refined delivery of personalized and meaningful experiences.


MichiDe [Mitchi-Dé]: The Name

MichiDe [Mitchi-Dé] shaped its unique name from the combination of two assorted and exotic sources:

  • 道 “Mitchi” (in Japanese) means “the Road; the Way; the Path”
  • 네  “Dé” (in Korean)  means “Yes; Yes to…”

MichiDe [Mitchi-Dé] defines the embracement, the acceptance, of our path towards Success and Happiness.


MichiDe [Mitchi-Dé]: The Corporate Culture

We value genuine leadership, we acknowledge everyone’s talent, we appreciate each and every one’s efforts.

Together, we learn, share, grow and we embrace synergies.

MichiDe International CSR initiative is aligned with our employees commitment to build luxury businesses, charity partnerships and community responsibilities.

MichiDe……We do what they don’t™

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